Feedback and Complaints

We want to Hear from you

Feedback and Complaints

We Value your input

Your feedback allows us to provide you with high-quality services; we actively seek your input. 

We make sure there are lots of ways and times for you to tell us what you want or need from us, and what you think of the job we are doing.

We would like your feedback on:

You always have the right to expect the best possible standard of service from us, and we will treat any concern or complaint you provide as a serious issue.

No matter what the situation, a Staff will not react badly to your complaint; you should feel safe knowing that they will not retaliate or hurt you in any way

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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

You can make a complaint regarding our services or a Staff provided to work with you. If you do not feel comfortable making a complaint, someone else can do this on your behalf, including:

• an advocate
• a family member
• a close friend
• your support worker


We welcome all types of feedback and we want you to feel safe to tell us what you think, especially if you are unhappy with us. Below is a list of the types of feedback we receive:

Feedback: Feedback is when you tell us how you feel or what you think about something to do with 121 Supports Hunter’s services, supports or staff, either positive or negative.

Suggestion: A Suggestion is when you tell us an idea for something you would like to see happen, change or included within 121 Supports Hunter’s services or supports for you.

Compliments: A compliment is when you tell us about something to do with 121 Supports Hunter’s services, supports or staff that you thought was done well, or you would like to give praise or thanks about.

Complaints: A complaint is when you tell us you are not happy, or you are angry, upset or don’t like something to do with 121 Supports Hunter’s services, supports or staff, and you would like something done to change that.

Feedback, compliments and complaints can be lodged:

• By Completing our online form Here
• In writing to:
  121 Supports Hunter Pty Ltd
  PO Box 3501,
  Merewether, NSW, 2291
• Directly with a staff member, either verbally or by submitting a Feedback and Complaints form (Ask Staff Member for form)
• Contact the Community Engagement Coordinator/General Manager on
• email us at
• anonymously, using the mailing address above at Head Office
• completing our regular Participant surveys

Your complaint will be formally acknowledged within 3 working days, where possible.

We aim to respond to all complaints and grievances as quickly as possible, and within 21 days from acknowledgment.

All feedback and complaints will be used by 121 Supports Hunter to continuously improve our service delivery.

If you feel a complaint has not been sufficiently or appropriately addressed, you can seek further support from:

Jason Halliday, Director 121 Supports Hunter, or alternatively through any of the following agencies:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards commission
Phone: 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines) or TTY 133 677

Commonwealth Ombudsman – Disability Services 

Phone: 1300 362 072